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March 26, 2020

(Formerly Harry Potter) Ruben was one of the cats brought in with the New Jersey group in February of last year. He is thriving, happy and is loved. We couldn’t ask for a more kind, quirky and beautiful cat. While the year has had a couple ups and downs, including what we think is a diagnosis of FLUTD, the good outweighed the bad and the relationship we have with him has never been better. His vet consistently says what a cool guy he is and how easy his appointments are.

Rueben is extremely high energy and giving him the exercise and play time he requires helps us manage his FLUTD better. He is super intelligent and often surprises us with how smart he is. His brain is constantly thinking and his body can catch a mouse mid air like nobodies business. Brains and braun! His favourite toys are fishing rods with mice and jingle bell balls. He loves the meat tube treats and still hasn’t learned how to sleep without taking up 2-3 feet of space. He can run through tunnels with dynamic agility and loves when you kiss his cheeks when you get home after work. It’s very European of him.

While he’s still not a big talker, he can purr so loudly. And he does so often. Thank you again for introducing us to him. We are so glad to have been provided the opportunity to do so.