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December 16, 2020

I was so excited to bring home the newest member of my fur family. I adopted a 6-month-old female kitty companion, Rue (formerly Danish), for my 4-year-old cat, Squish.

I was told by the knowledgeable staff at Toronto Humane Society that it could take time for Rue and Squish to acclimate, so as instructed, I prepped the bathroom with toys, litter box, blanket, etc. and picked her up on Sunday afternoon.

She only spent the first night separated from Squish but after 3 “great escapes” I could see that they were bonding very quickly. By Monday afternoon, in less than 24 hours, they were playing together.

Rue is energetic, affectionate, sneaky, cheeky, fearless, and naughty, which makes her the perfect cat to complete my little fur family.

I am so glad I had ability to rescue both my cats, and with all the love I am getting, I know they are both very grateful.