Happy Tails

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January 06, 2016

Hey there!

My name is Brianne and I adopted 14 year old Sagwa on December 13th 2015. A lot has changed in the past couple weeks, she was originally underweight when I got her and I am happy to report that she’s gained some of those desperately needed pounds. Her name has been changed to Sage, which she responds to, and she has become very vocal about wanting things. Be it treats or pets, I am unable to deny her anything. Her only fault is that she’ll go some pretty great distances to rub against things to the point where it rubs against the healing scab on her face from where a cyst was removed—scared the heck out of me, but it’s all healed up now! She seems happy to have a home again, and I love her to pieces so there’s no danger of her ever being caged up again.

Happy New Year!!
Brianne and Sage.