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January 03, 2020

It’s just coming up to the five month mark since I adopted Salchicha (Spanish for sausage) (now Sally) on June 19th this year. She came from Puebla, Mexico through you and had just been with THS for 3 days. She was sweet and very shy. I’m very happy to tell you that gradually Sally has transformed into a confident tail-wagging walker and a mischievous, playful girl. She is content to spend her time at home on the couch (trying to get her to stay on her bed didn’t last long) and is quiet when I am out, amusing herself by moving my shoes, gloves, her leash and harness, balls, and food bowl to the couch with her, her security items.

I wanted to say that the advice you gave in your handout “Adopting a Shelter Dog” was very good guidance and I hope that you emphasize the tips in it to new owners. Patience, routine and consistency and closely supervised meetings with new dogs and people has paid off dividends. We have also had some milestones along the way. One day when I went to put her harness on she unexpectedly sat up on her hind legs front feet in the air so I could put her harness on easily! Smart dog! Last month she actually chased a ball and brought it back to me (sort of.) Another day we were walking along the street and someone had left a box of kids stuffies out (no longer loved) for people to help themselves and so Sally picked up a lamb hand puppet and carried it proudly home!

Many thanks to Morgan who facilitated the adoption and also to THS!