Happy Tails

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October 01, 2018

Sasha reached four years old in September 2018 and we adopted Sasha when she was one year old.

She was a beautiful dog with the habits of barking and chewing everything she could get ahold of. With the use of crating, obedience classes, vigorous exercise and lots of socialization with other dogs at the dog park, she turned around and became a well behaved dog – calm, friendly, obedient.

Perhaps it was just that she outgrew her puppy behavior. Now she enjoys her walks, her dinner, meeting new people and even having her teeth brushed! She really, really loves going to the dog park and playing with the others dogs. She has a blast every day racing around, wrestling, chasing and being chased by the other dogs. She comes home exhausted. Sash is having a happy life.

Sasha was born with kidney disease and had a life expectancy of two and one half years so reaching her fourth birthday is something special.