Happy Tails

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May 03, 2019

​I owe Dr. Travis Strong and the staff at THS a huge thank you for saving and caring for Scarlett (formerly Starlett) while she was in receiving medical assistance.

I first met Scarlett in late January when I came in for my weekly shift as a canine enrichment volunteer. When I took her out she was a bit nervous but was very gentle and calm! I thought she would be adopted out in no time so I was genuinely surprised to see her again when I returned. I took her out again and after a few belly rubs, she slowly placed her paw on my wrist. I decided to ask about her and the staff at the adoption department was very helpful. Thank you Dr. Strong and THS for not giving up on her and provided all the necessary medical care. It’s been almost 3 months since she came to my life and I am thrilled to announce that she’s now a perfectly healthy pooch. She is spoiled rotten by me and my husband. Thanks again THS!