Happy Tails

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December 30, 2016

I fell in love with the photo of this dog in 2008 while reading “Lost and Found” reports on your THS website.

I don’t know why I was doing that. I called THS and was told that he was still in lost status and not adoptable.

I did get a tip though that if he disappeared from Lost he was headed for adoption.

I fill out the paperwork right away and when he did disappear I taxied over and managed to succeed with the adoption.

We have had some bumpy times and looking at that face you might not believe it. But with a trainer (we both needed training) and lots of patience, treats, and bandaids (for me) we have settled into a good life together.

Special thanks to THS and your good advice, to Bay Cat and Dog Hospital for sensitive excellent care, and to PAWS Playground for helping him be social and have fun! What else should a guy like Sherlock be doing?