Happy Tails

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January 04, 2017

Hi Mitch, anyways I hope you remember us ( Tom & Brian ), we came in December 23rd/2016 and had the pleasure of meeting yourself and ended up adopting Sleepy. We just wanted to update you and show you a couple of photos of Sleepy, enjoying her new ” forever ” home and settling in. We simply love the little girl, she has added a new spark to our home and I think she is happy as well, she is quite energetic, has a voracious appetite, loves to play and much to my amazement, actually has started sleeping in my bed with me most nights.

We actually have two other cats ( Kaboodle and LitoMonster ), and as a whole they seem to get along, most times with little interference from us. Anyways Mitch, on behalf of Brian and myself, thank you, to you and all the great staff, for allowing us to adopt Sleepy ( or she adopted us !!!.. lol ) and we look forward to many years of just ” living/enjoying ” the time we will spend together as a family of sorts.

Take care & all the best for 2017

Tom & Brian