Happy Tails

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February 06, 2016

Hello THS!

We just wanted to send along an update on Snickers, who we adopted just over two years ago. Since joining our family, we have been so happy to have Snickers in our home. I can’t even remember what it was like before he came into our lives!

Snickers has the most wonderful personality! He is so sweet and cuddly and spends most of his time out of his cage munching veggies, cuddling on the couch (he loves Netflix) or keeping us company while we work from home.

In the summertime Snickers sits with us outside on the patio or joins us for a picnic in the park where he can munch fresh dandelions with the sunshine on his fur. We always have our meals together and Snickers always gets his lunch and dinner at the same time we do.

Snickers has truly changed our lives for the better. We love him so much and are so grateful he chose us as his forever home smile


Laura, Gram and Snickers