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July 16, 2020

In February 2020 - my mom’s birthday - we decided to adopt a hamster! This was not the first time we have adopted. She was our 5th little hamster! Our other four hamsters all lived really long and happy lives. One even had three legs! They were all rescued.

Adopting this hamster was a very exciting experience!

Splashy, formerly known as Applejack, was sleeping when we first met her. She was really cute and friendly and we knew she would be perfect!

We brought her home in a hamster box on the subway. Upon arrival home, we made sure her cage was all set up, and then we let her explore her new habitat! She loved to play from day one, begging to come out every second she could! Now that we have had her for around five months, we know she is the perfect fit! She is very active and so friendly.

Splashy also loves to make herself a nest. Sometimes she enjoys staying still and other times she loves to run around on her wheel. As for food, she likes it the most! She loves veggies, fruits and has even tried a bite of a vegan pancake! She is a very special hamster and we are delighted to have her in our lives. You can follow Splashy on her journey at @hamster_rescues.

Thank you to Toronto Humane Society team for finding us a perfect match and we will be forever grateful!