Happy Tails

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Stella and Triggs

Stella and Triggs

September 20, 2016

Four years ago I lost my best friend, our family yellow lab, Henry. Thinking I could never love another dog again I came across my Stella (formally Rossi) on the THS website a year after Henry’s passing. Not knowing how vastly my life would be changed I went to go see her. The next day she was mine.

Reluctant as first, Stella was uneasy of her new environment. She had a few surgeries before I was able to take her home as she had only formally known a world of neglect. Stella came home terrified of not only me but humans in general. She was missing half her teeth, patches of fur and scared of her new environment. At the time, my new fur-legged daughter hid in my closet for two weeks, not even coming out to see me. I would bring her food, which she would hid throughout the apartment, only to assume she would eat it later. Once my Stella became comfortable, I quickly learned she was secretly a little diva who desired numerous cuddle sessions and daily belly rubs. We were two peas in a pod, where I went Stella went, she quickly became my shadow.

The following year we were joined by my partner, whom at the time had never experienced the unconditional love of a four legged furbaby. Soon after my partner joined our family we decided to adopt a second furbaby, Triggs (Formally Ferris). Full of life, and with energy that never seems to quit, Triggs bounced into our lives. Complete opposites Stella seemed to merely tolerate her brother upon his arrival. While at times Stella still seems to only tolerate her brother, once night falls the two can be seen snuggling side by side.

On behalf of my partner and I, I cannot thank the THS enough for taking care of our two four-legged children for us. Our lives are forever enriched for the unconditional love and joy we receive from both Stella and Triggs.