Happy Tails

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March 06, 2020

I adopted Rasmus, whose name is now Cat Stevens (nickname Stevie). The first few days he was curious, but a little bit cautious, and now he is very comfortable exploring around the house and finding his favourite spots to sit. He likes looking out the window and sitting on the heating vents. Stevie loves to curl up next to you or on your lap on the couch, and will often flop over on the floor and roll around showing his belly. He loves getting head scratches and long, firm pats down his back.

Mealtime might be his favourite time of day, and he will yell at you while you prepare his breakfast (we are working on training to calm him down a little). Stevie loves his scratching posts and scratching board, and in the evening he gets the zoomies and runs around and is ready to play. He lets you know he wants to play by standing on the stairs, looking at you, then chirping and running upstairs. It’s very cute! He is extremely curious, wanting to crawl into every cupboard or drawer you open to look inside.