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February 23, 2021

When I saw Sunny on Toronto Humane Society’s site, it had no information, just his picture with his sweet brown eyes and his perked ears. It was love at first sight. I called Toronto Humane Society, inquired, and met him right away.

He was in his kennel, bouncing off the walls. I thought to myself “this 5-year-old guy looks fun”. He jumped all over me in our meeting. Then I said “sit” and he listened right away. I told Toronto Humane Society this is the little dude I want to take home.

Sunny made himself right at home. Settled into his crate, asked for pets and got up to eat snacks. It was a perfect homecoming. But he had terrible separation anxiety. It was so hard to the point I doubted that I could keep him as the noise complaints started coming in. I wanted to do right by Sunny and contemplated if I was the right person for him. With a lot of work, training, and discovery, Sunny adjusted to our home so much, he thought he owned it.

He was my lifeline. I struggle with mental illness, but he made sure I woke up each morning to ensure his breakfast and walks were on time. He would sleep with me on the couch many evenings without hesitation when there were dark times. I needed him more than he needed me, I always thought to myself.

He passed away October 2020. He was 13. We all miss him so terribly. Adopting a dog taught me so much. It taught me to be responsible for someone else other than myself. Sunny taught me mindfulness, he only lived in the moment, something us humans forget to do. He taught me unconditional love. He loved with no agenda.

Despite the challenges, I would not change our story at all. Sunny was the best dog I could ever have; I love and miss you, my grumpy old man. #adoptdontshop