Happy Tails

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February 13, 2017

Wishing the Toronto Humane Society family a very Happy Valentines and a very happy adopt-a-versary to our little kitty Sunshine!!! It was one year ago that my boyfriend Rob and I adopted Sunshine from the Toronto Humane Society, and since that very day, she has filled our lives with love and light, sweet kitty puuuurs, mews and snuggles delight!!!

Sunshine is a white short hair kitty with tabby accents and she is now 6 years old and such a happy healthy girl! She is such a loving kitty and a total softy, lol, she loves to sit up on our laps and has such a soft, sweet kitten-like mew, and is just such a sweetheart! Sunshine’s personality truly reflects her given name-that we just had to keep for her, naturally! Sunshine is truly our little Cupid kitty as while we found her (or should I say she is the one who truly found us) in this February month of love, she also has a beautiful distinct marking of an adorable heart shape on her! (Included a pic below:) Sunshine is our wonderful little Valentine girl and has fit in absolutely puuuurfectly in our lives!!! Thank you so much to the Toronto Humane Society for our little ray of Sunshine!!! We are so happy to been able to give her a loving fur-ever home!!!

With all our love and light, Julia Stephenson and Robert Monroe