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October 23, 2014

Good afternoon to all the staff at the Toronto Humane Society!

Today marks my one-year anniversary, for my cat Sylvester to live with me. His former name was Dolce Vita, but I have changed his name to Sylvester.

October 23, 2013 was the date that I have adopted my cat Sylvester; as a result, my cat turned seven years old a month ago as his date of birth is September 17, 2007.

During my cat’s recent arrival to my apartment on this date of a year ago, my cat was always shy of me that he was always hiding behind the sofa bed and/or kitchen counters most of the time. When time passed by, my cat felt very comfortable with me that he wasn’t shy anymore.

After my cat felt comfortable living with me, he began to enjoy in lying down on top of my tummy overnights during the fall and winter seasons, so he can feel my love and warmth of my body. This past summer, my cat never lied on top of my tummy anymore, but since the summer season has ended, my cat has began to lie on top of my tummy again overnights.

I do like it so much whenever my cat lies on top of my tummy while I am in bed because I love him so much; therefore, I do enjoy to feel his love and warmth of top of my tummy.

P.S. I would like to thank the staff because all of you did a great job in helping me finding the right cat. I don’t mind you share my story about my one-year anniversary to adopt my cat on Facebook as I do access that social site most of the time, and I would like everyone to know that how much I love my cat.

Yours truly