Happy Tails

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November 24, 2018

My partner and I adopted Mocca a few months ago, he now has a new name Tau-iû(means soy sauce in Taiwanese). He seems to be very responsive for his new name.

Tau-iû is really relax and talks a lot. He is very food motivated, likes the toys we bought him, also warm baths. He sleeps “on”our heads and tends to wake us up in the morning by kissing and biting our faces.

With a few months, Tau-iû has become the professional cat patrol in the house. For instance, he enters ever rooms to check up on something, also, he attacks the shoelace snakes to protect us…instead of kneading our bellies, he decides to knead on the armpits just to make sure our body is in good condition by checking up our acupoints. We feel very very happy and lucky that we met Tau-iû. Mocca is in good hands, and we love him so much, he is very healthy and extremely chill, and he has found his forever home!

Thank to Toronto humane society for being helpful for both the cat and us. With Tau-iû, our life is just complete! ​