Happy Tails

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July 26, 2019

Taz was one of the dogs who didn’t want to even try to make friends if you were just peering at her through her kennel fencing. She made me work for her friendship but now we are inseparable. It was so worth the work making visits to the shelter each week to let her get to know me.

She’s the most gentle and silly dog. Everywhere I go Taz follows me, when she lays down she always has to have a part of her touching me. I had no choice but to give her part of my bed, she kept sneaking in after I fell asleep, and I don’t even mind.

I’m so happy with Taz and how loyal and obedient she is to me. She will go anywhere with me and is very adventurous. She loves to go hiking and exploring, and is a perfect fit into my life. I feel very lucky to have Taz in my life!! Thanks to everyone at the Toronto Humane Society who takes the time and puts in the effort to give these loving animals new homes, you guys are are great!