Happy Tails

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December 14, 2016

Theodore (a.k.a Teddy but formerly Capelli) came into my home from THS a little over a year ago. He had big sweet eyes and a hilarious meow/moo but was saddled with a very bad case of anxiety. When he first arrived home he lived in the bathroom, door closed, as I slowly adjusted him to life with his new feline brother, Charlie. But even after they had met and the door opened, he still refused to emerge. Teddy spent an entire month in the bathroom, backing away at the sound of my voice, cowering in corners, refusing to eat in front of me. It was hard, especially because all I wanted to do was love him - but we were both patient.

On Christmas morning I was sitting on the floor wrapping gifts when Charlie perked up beside me. I turned around and there was Teddy – big eyed, curious, obviously terrified but willing to give us a shot. He let me pet him that morning for a few minutes before he ran back off to the bathroom. I sat there bawling on the floor thinking it was one of the loveliest Christmas gifts I’ve ever gotten.

A year later, he’s thriving. He’s my cuddle monster, I call him Teddy Bear. He and Charlie love playing together and napping together and I’ve never seen a cat so into catnip. He is my second alarm in the morning, waking me up with his unique meow – which seriously is a moo. I’m blessed to have found him, he taught me a new kind of patience and I like to think I taught him love. I’ll always be so grateful to THS for looking out for him until we could find each other.

All my best,