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Thistle and Panda

Thistle and Panda

January 08, 2016

A couple weeks ago we adopted two female guinea pigs, now re-named Thistle and Panda. They are settling in well in their new home and we are getting to know them well.

Thistle (black) is super cuddly. whenever she’s in a lap she settles down, stretches out and gets ready for some never-ending nose-to-bum stroking. She could sit in a lap all day, no problems. Panda doesn’t like to sit on laps very long unless there’s food involved and she is really nervous about being carried. when we carry her from cage to play pen she complains, and if I’m not fast enough she gets nippy - aka, she is an excellent communicator. I don’t mind, she is just making her needs known and I respect her wishes to not be held or transported around much.

They know the routine now. When I get them out to go to the playpen, if the daily ration of greens don’t show up fast enough they both start YELLING. When they see a human approaching with the greens, they run in circles, hopping and skipping and squeaking. They are delightful, fun little animals to have around and we really enjoy them.