Happy Tails

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March 29, 2017

Hi guys,

My name is Hayley and my boyfriend and I recently adopted a cat named Timmy. We just wanted to give you an update on how he’s doing. He is the sweetest little boy ever. He loves to be cuddled, loves his food, his toys, loves to give kisses and loves his new brother. He will give kisses if you ask him too and he loves to eat. We have bought the puzzle feeder as we saw you guys were using one. He really seems to enjoy the challenges of eating that way. Although he seems to love jumping on the counter as we are trying to feed him. They are getting along wonderfully. He really is a sweetie licks our faces and just really loves to cuddle with his new mommy and daddy. He defiantly has some “energy” during playtime but as long as it’s directed correctly there’s no issues. Any cat when wend up and give them your hand and not a toy that’s just not a good idea. Other than regular teenage over active behavior he’s the sweetest, most loving little guy we’ve ever come across. He loves to sleep on our chest when we’re laying down, he doesn’t mind being held and he enjoys having his paws messaged. He is adjusting quite well with us and we couldn’t be more thankful we found him. We recently lost our older cat and Timmy came into our lives at the perfect time. He is bringing life, love and a ton of craziness back into our home just the way we like it. Again thank you to all of you we love our little guy so much. We’ve attached some pictures of Timmy and his brother Charley.

Again thank you to all of the staff and volunteers at the Toronto Humane Society we are so happy with our new little bundle of joy.

From Hayley, Brad, Charley and most importantly Timmy.