Happy Tails

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June 25, 2016

Toby (previously Feldman) bouncingly joined our family in November 2015. 2015 was a rough year for our family, especially our 2 young daughters. We are a family of animal lovers, who over the years had rescued 3 dogs and 3 cats. However, in January we lost our chihuahua Finnigan at age 19, then in August we lost our Sheltie Mowgli who was 16 and then our Brown Tabby Nala in November (she was 16). Our remaining chihuahua, Buster, and 2 cats Daisy and Mia, were depressed after losing their brothers and sister that they had spent all their lives with. Our house felt sad and empty and our daughters were heartbroken.

One Sunday, by chance, we showed up at PetSmart on a THS adoption day, where we met numerous pups for adoption and several snagged our hearts. We arrived too late and the available pups all found wonderful new homes. My daughter was heartbroken, and very teary. The wonderful THS volunteer told us about another pup that was unable to make the event due to a longer than expected bout of diarrhea!!!! She said he was sweet, friendly and had come all the way from Stockton, California! On Monday morning, I head to the THS to meet this pup Feldman, and he was fantastic and perfect! I asked my husband to come meet me, and although hesitant to open his heart to a new pup, he immediately fell in love. We placed him on hold and brought our daughters and Buster to meet him the next day. It was love at first sight! The wonderful adoption counsellor met with all of us, provided frank and honest advice and approved our application! Feldman, renamed Toby, came home with us that day.

Toby quickly adjusted to life with 2 old and sometimes grumpy kitties, an aging and sleepy chihuahua and 2 high energy girls and all their friends! However Toby LOVES children! He drops the kids off everyday at school and picks them up at 3. He has easily become a favourite among all the children who come running out to see him everyday! Toby loves sitting in laps, giving wiggle bums and kisses. Our crossing guard Boris keeps his pockets full of liver treats for him on a daily basis. My daughters friend Marcus, sits Toby in his lap and wheels him all over the school ground in his wheelchair. He has become their soccer team mascot! And the best part is that we have shown everyone in our tight knit community how anyone could find the perfect family pet through a rescue organization. The shock in people eyes when they learn that this perfect, sweet, friendly and well-behaved family pet is from the THS is mind boggling. Our family would only adopt a rescue pet, and being able to show others how wonderful rescue dogs are fills us with immense pride. Toby is the best addition to our family that we could have hoped for, and hopefully a puppy that will continue to motivate others to rescue pets in need! The THS staff and volunteers were beyond wonderful and gave us excellent advice and the opportunity to bring Toby into our home and make it feel happy again! Thank you so much THS!