Happy Tails

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January 14, 2016


I adopted a cat from you back in October, and just wanted to send you some updates. His name was Turbo (A29785433) when I adopted him, and he shared a kennel with another cat that were both rescued from a hoarder home. Since adopting him, I have changed his name to “Totem”.

He warmed up quickly to his new surroundings, and only took him a couple of hours to begin exploring. At night, he would lightly ‘peep’, so I think he may have been looking for the other cats he shared his living space with before (that lasted about 3 nights). He has gained some weight over the last few months and is in very good health.

He has a large cat tree and he sleeps on the very top of it throughout the day, and he has many different types of toys to play with (his favourite are the little fake mice that he likes to toss around and ‘hunt’). He is very affectionate, and begins to gently nibble on my fingers after petting him for a short while. He also loves to ‘attack’ my hair when I have it up in a ponytail and it is dangling near him. At night, he usually sleeps at the foot of my bed. When he hears me wake up in the morning, he usually greets me with a lot of purring and then follows it up with a pounce attack.

I was warned that I might find that he would be binge eating and might desire a lot of attention (neediness) due to the fact that he came from a hoarder house. In all honesty, I haven’t seen any of that from him. He seems happy, normal, and healthy.

He is doing well, and knows he is loved.