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January 04, 2021

We have had our rabbit, Biscuit, for about a year and a half now. He is an outgoing and playful boy – he’s one of the most energetic, but extremely gentle rabbits. We figured a friend would occupy his liveliness. From application to application, we found the perfect bunny: Hawaii.

She is an adorable, gentle, and shy girl. Perfect for Biscuit. In fact, as her coming home celebration, we’ve renamed her Truffles. They are perfect combination: Biscuit Butters and Truffles Butters.

Their relationship is still growing, but from what we’ve seen, they will become best friends. Biscuit often flops outside her pen waiting for her to come out. She is still shy, but she comes out to give him a kiss every now and then. They haven’t explicitly met without a pen in between one another, but they are in love! We are so glad to have given our little girl a new loving, forever home.

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