Happy Tails

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September 18, 2018

We adopted Twix four weeks ago and quickly she became an integral part of our family!

After a few months of going through rescues and shelters, my daughters and I decided to drop in to the Toronto Humane Society for a dog we saw on their website. When we arrived, she was on hold already. Lucky girl to get a great home, but we were a little sad it wasn’t with us. My husband suggested we go back the next morning to see if that adoption went through. It didn’t and our sweet Twix was approved for our adoption. She danced for us in her little kennel and we were hers. We got her home and she immediatly showed us her incredible speed, doing laps around our yard for 30 minutes straight. She is the fastest runner I have ever seen! She jumps so high we are debating on extending our fences.

In the 4 weeks we have been with her she has been nothing but love, excitement and sheer energy. She loves treats (a lot) and is so fast with learning tricks. She is extremely calm and submissive around children and other dogs, but she is afraid of strange men. She sleeps on her back, is a sucker for a good belly rub and brings us so much happiness. She is starting obedience school soon, and all her bald patches from the Demodex mange have grown in.

Twix immediatly fit in to our family. Thank you so much THS for helping us find our sweet (and endlessly energetic) Twix. ​