Happy Tails

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April 15, 2016


I want to share my successful adoption story, sorry it is a little long.

Last year we came to the shelter looking for a mate for our beloved bunny Rabbert. He seemed lonely in his big cage that was built for two. We brought Rabbert along to go on some dates, confident he would pick a lady bunny to share his life with. The first and only bunny he met was “Angelica” who now goes by Vela, an English spot just like himself. Their date was successful and we brought her home that day.

This was the beginning of their six month journey toward bonding. We let her get comfortable in our home over the first month living in a cage beside Rabbert’s. We took it very slow and kept them close to each other but made sure they had their own play time and affection from my partner and I. We started to swap their cages in the second month to get them used to the other’s smell and sharing their space. Rabbert had become accustomed to 100% of our attention so it was very hard for him to learn to share. Slowly over the next few months we introduced them. They scuffled in the bathtub at first but slowly they learned to trust each other. Eventually we let them play together and they got along fine. It was now time to let them move in together.

At first Vela was cold and didn’t trust us. We we worried she would never warm up to us. The two bunnies were happy and in love. At the end of the day we were okay with that because all that mattered was that Rabbert had a partner to share his bunny adventures with. That didn’t stop me from forcing affection on her to show her that we love her and she is safe here. It makes me sad to think of what her life was before joining our family.
After about a year I noticed that she had started to enjoy being pet and would sometimes request it as Rabbert does. This happened after we almost lost Rabbert to E. cuniculi back in January of this year. She became much more affectionate to Rabbert when he was sick almost as though she was comforting him. He is all better now but the affection never stopped. I think her love (and of course our amazing rabbit savvy vet) saved his life. I was so happy that she felt loved here that I could accept that she would never give licks like Rabbert does.

A few weeks ago she decided that she wanted my attention and started to lick me while I was petting Rabbert! Finally she showed the love I knew she felt for us!

We are so very happy with our adoption. The Toronto Humane Society helped us to find a new member of our family. They supported us through the bonding process and made her adoption easy. Without Vela, Rabbert may not have had the strength to make it through those terrible few weeks and for that I will forever be thankful of the Toronto Humane Society.