Happy Tails

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July 14, 2016

Hello there!

We’re just about to celebrate our 1-year “adoption-versary” with Vincent (formerly known as Zorro) and thought we’d let you know how he’s doing and share some pictures.

We came into this experience knowing we wanted to find a dog who was having a hard time fitting in somewhere. After learning of Vince’s challenge to find a home, we knew he definitely fit the bill.

Many of Vincent’s challenging behaviours that we experienced initially have subsided. He’s maintained his zest for fun, but has learned how to channel his “wild side” for playtime. In the house, he loves nothing more than to snuggle up with us or one of his dog siblings. We’re still working on some leash reactivity issues, but overall, he’s doing exceptionally well. The obedience classes we took at THS were a huge help in Vincent’s transition.

Vince has adapted well to our lifestyle and loves car rides and adventures. He particularly enjoys making passerby’s laugh by popping his head out the sunroof for a bird’s eye view. One of his favourite places to visit is my family’s property in Muskoka where he gets to run off-leash (and get incredibly dirty!)

Several months after adopting Vince, we inherited another dog - Kaly, an Italian Mastiff. Maddox, Vince & Kaly have become very bonded. They love chasing each other and wrestling… almost as much as they love snuggling up together. Vince has definitely thrived in a home with other dogs. He’s just a happy guy who lives for a good time!

Thank you to the team at THS who helped us find Vince and bring him home. Vince has brought a lot of laughs and happiness to our family.

- From Dylan, Kayla & the “kids” (Maddox, Vincent & Kaly)