Happy Tails

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December 21, 2018

We wanted to share a little update about William, who joined our family just about 1 year ago (December 22, 2017 to be exact!).

Since the moment he stepped foot in the door, he’s been an absolute joy. William can be a total lazy bum in the house, spending many hours snoozing on the couch or in the sun that shines through our back patio doors. But at the park, he has endless energy, never failing to make an impression, and always seeming to be the instigator, egging on the other dogs to chase him.

As we near our 1 year anniversary with him, we can’t even remember what life was like before William was sneaking into our bed after his nighttime walk, or curling up in our laps to watch a movie. We can’t thank the Toronto Humane Society enough for bringing William to us all the way from his humble beginnings as a street dog in Kentucky, and for all of the wonderful work they do!