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October 19, 2020

By the time we met Winston, he had been through a lot. He had issues with an upset stomach, and it was discovered he needed major surgery for hip dysplasia. Such a big struggle for such a little guy. But Toronto Humane Society did the amazing work they always do and raised the money to get Winston his double hip surgery. Then began his journey to recovery.

When we fostered Winston, he was still in need of physical therapy. At first, he seemed to think he wasn’t any good at being a cat, but then, over time, he began to run more and more after the laser pointer and his wand toys. He’s only gotten stronger and bolder over the past few years and now with his new siblings around, he’s more active than ever.

Winston has a huge personality and a huge amount of energy. We realized early on that having other feline friends would help to socialize him and give him an outlet for all that playfulness. He’s made friends with many foster kittens over the years. He would run with them, clean them, chat with them (and his humans).

Now he has forever siblings, Beans and Fika, who he follows around constantly. He always has to be where the action is (even if it stresses him out), and he’ll never say no to a little clicker training and treats, especially now that he is in diabetic remission. He now knows how to roll over and give high fives, and we say no one deserves a bigger high five than this resilient little fella. As Winston always says, “Just because you’re hipless, doesn’t mean you’re hopeless”.