Happy Tails

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September 17, 2016

I just want to say something about a special cat we adopted from the Toronto Humane Society December/2002. He was a Christmas present to ourselves and his name was Wrigley.

He was two years old and what a special boy he was. We enjoyed so many happy moments with Mr Wrigs (his nickname). I can’t begin to list all the joy you brought to our home.

Unfortunately this past July 2016 your health took a bad turn with a massive tumour and your time with us was to be cut short, too short. I wanted many many more days with you not just 2 and 1/2 months. I didn’t want you to go but you had to go. I could write a book about the joy you gave us and the love we shared. One special boy and unique fellow who enjoyed food so much the minute you would hear dishes rattling you appeared on the spot. Wow, you had sonar ears.

I miss you so much today as I am writing this, it is so difficult. We fell in love with you that Dec day in 2002 and Sept. 2016 you broke our hearts. I will always love you and have you tucked in my memories. I will never forget the handsome boy who had come into our lives and added so much joy to our home. We spoiled you rotten but why not? Years went by fast and you aged but still had kitten like attitude ’til ill health took over your little life.

I am thanking the Toronto Humane Society for the privilege of adopting one special boy Wrigley, he was a joy to the family. Now a big hole in our hearts, especially mine, we were so attached.

I love you Mr. Wrigs. Goodbye Mr. Handsome.