Pet Services

Helping Communities
Beyond Our City Limits

We are constantly working to expand our impact and improve as many lives as possible. Our Outreach Services broaden our reach to support animals in-need not just within our city but outside our community as well.

What we offer

Outreach Services offer essential, preventative care to animals residing in areas where there may be limited access to veterinary care.

Some essential services we offer include: examinations, vaccinations, and microchipping, as well as heartworm, flea, and tick preventative care.

We operate spay/neuter clinics in remote communities to reduce pet overpopulation and address medical and behavioural risks associated with unaltered animals. Spaying or neutering animals can significantly reduce the chances of developing harmful illnesses, such as pyometra (infection of the uterus) in females and testicular cancer in males. Through our Public Veterinary Service Division we run clinics that offer low and free services, as our resources allow.

On some occasions, we also have the opportunity to educate on a variety of topics ranging from animal health and safety, to building dog houses for the community dogs.

We also have the ability to donate food, leashes, and collars to these communities as-needed.

Our main focus is to improve the overall well-being of animals, reduce pet overpopulation, and to prevent transmission of diseases from animal-to-animal, as well as animal-to-human.

Working together

Our Outreach efforts don’t stop with community support clinics though. Many organizations do not have the means to employ full time medical staff. In response to this, we partner with rescue organizations who request assistance. Doing what we can to support spay/neuter, food supply, and medical consultations when we are able.

How you can help

Toronto Humane Society relies on the generous and gracious donations from our community and people just like you to help make programs like this a reality. The compassionate support from our donors contributes to the overall well-being of animals not just in our facility, but those beyond our walls as well.

By extending our services beyond our building, we hope to reach the lives of as many animals as possible, and to support the people and communities working so hard to ensure all animals are given a wonderful life!

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