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Toronto Humane Society’s Public Dog Walking and Care Support Team is a group of highly trained and passionate animal lovers strongly invested in welfare and professionalism. Collectively, we bring years of experience in animal care to this service, drawing from varied backgrounds in shelter care, commercial dog walking, commercial and in shelter dog training and behavior modification and business development.

We stand above the crowd and we believe we are the best in our field:

  • We are highly trained. Toronto Humane Society Dog Walkers complete a very rigorous skills and handling training program and pass practical skills assessment tests before we hand over the leash. Walkers accumulate over 100 hours of training before they start working with dogs
  • We are Force Free. Your dog will be treated with love and kindness
  • We are passionate about running a commercial dog walking service that raises money to save more animal lives. All the money we raise through this service goes directly back to shelter operations
  • We fill an underserved niche. We provide private neighbourhood walks, training walks and group adventure walks.
  • We are dependable and accountable. We provide daily in service photos so that you can be a part of your dog’s enrichment even while you are at work.
  • We happily provide glowing references

Beverley McKee, BA, ACDBC, CPDT-KA, Fear Free Certified Animal Trainer
Manager, Public Training Services and Care Support

Beverley is the Manager, Public Training Services and Care Support at Toronto Humane Society. She is an Associate Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. She is also a Fear Free Certified Professional, holding an Animal Trainer Certification through Fear Free Pets. Prior to joining Toronto Humane Society, Beverley owned and operated a successful dog training and dog walking company in Toronto’s west end, and chaired an informal 600-member strong collective of professional dog walkers with a focus on professional and positive reinforcement handling skills development. She currently serves as a Member at Large on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

Jessica Matos

Training Assistant

Jessica Matos has been working for Toronto Humane Society for more than 7 years. Having grown up with dogs all of her life she became an Animal Care Worker on the canine team.

During this time she worked with all types of different personalities and breeds of dogs but her favourite part was walking, enriching, and feeding them. Jessica then joined the Training Department and became a dog walker because of her tremendous hands-on experience and for her drive to learn and expand upon dog behaviour modification. She is especially excited to help pets feel comfortable, happy, and socialized through one-on-one daily walks.

Benani Choudhury

Training Assistant

Benani joined Toronto Humane Society team in 2014 as an animal care worker and transport driver. In 2020 Benani joined the Training Team, working one-on-one with our dog walking clients to provide low stress and enriching private walks. Benani has a keen interest in animal behavior, and works diligently to provide each dog with personalized care. She draws on extensive experience leading shelter dog playgroups to provide fun, safe and enriching group outings for our client dogs.

Laurie Facey

Training Assistant

Laurie joined Toronto Humane Society Training Department in 2020. Laurie brings a number of years of positive reinforcement dog walking experience to our team. Laurie enjoys conducting both private and group walks, and takes pride in creating low stress and reinforcing enrichment experiences for the dogs in her charge.

Platinum Level Monthly Training Walk Package

$1150 per month

Our Training Walk value added package is one month of Monday to Friday rigorous training walks conducted by a dog trainer. This package is developed to provide the framework for optimal training results. After your initial goal setting session with a certified trainer, we create a personalized training plan which is carried out during Monday to Friday mid-day training walks for the duration of the package. You’ll receive weekly updates on progress via video call and an end-of-month skills transfer session, as well as complimentary registration in the group training class of your choice so you can continue to keep the momentum going. The full list of services and benefits in this package includes:
  • A consultation with a certified trainer to identify your dog’s training goals
  • A personalized training plan
  • Monday to Friday training walks during which your dog learns and practices new skills outlined in your training plan
  • Weekly emailed report card
  • A skills transfer session with your trainer at the end of the month so that you can continue to maintain your dog’s new skills
  • Daily water bowl refresh
  • Daily post-walk Kong enrichment (Kong toy provided upon package purchase)
  • Weekly 15-minute video call with your trainer to discuss progress
  • One complimentary registration in a certified-trainer led group training class of your choice
  • A complimentary invitation to our monthly trainer led Canine Social Walk
Packages are renewable month to month, or after your initial month, you may choose to purchase private or group walk packages based on your dog’s needs.

Gold Level Private Dog Walks, Care and Enrichment Package

$795 per month

Our Private Dog Walks, Care and Enrichment package provides Monday to Friday private walks, enrichment and care support and will pamper your dog with the utmost in care. Our walkers arrive during prime dog walking hours with a premium pickup window of 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. This package is ideal for adult or senior dogs requiring one-on-one care, dogs who are not comfortable in group walk settings, and for puppies requiring daily mid-day breaks while you are at work. The full list of benefits and services in this bundle includes:
  • Monday – Friday mid-day 45 to 60-minute service that includes a private walk, enrichment and care support
  • 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. premium time-slot pickup
  • Post walk rinse off and towel dry on rainy days (client facilities used)
  • Food and water bowls washed, dried and refreshed
  • Lunch fed if required
  • Daily post-walk Kong enrichment (Kong toy provided upon package purchase)
  • Complimentary enrollment in your choice of up to 3 group training classes per calendar year
  • Complimentary invitation to monthly trainer-led Canine Social Walk
Packages are renewable month to month.

Silver Level Group Dog Walk Package

$525 per month

Our Silver Level Group Dog Walk package consists of Monday-to-Friday morning or afternoon group adventure or buddy walks with your dog’s best pals. This fun option is for the well socialized and social dog. Morning walks pick up between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m., and return home between 11:30 and 12:00 p.m. Afternoon walks pick up between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. and return home between 3:30 and 4:00 p.m.* Group dog walk candidates must be screened for suitability to the program. The full list of services and benefits in this package includes:
  • Monday to Friday morning or mid-afternoon group dog walks
  • A combination of buddy walks and adventure walks for a full variety of enrichment
  • Water bowl refresh
  • Daily texted or emailed in service picture
  • Month to month renewable package
  • 10% discount on any training services
  • Complimentary invitation to our trainer led monthly Canine Social Walk
This package is renewable month to month. *Pick up and drop off times may vary based on traffic or transit delays.

“After moving to our new neighborhood, we spent months looking for the right dog walker. Having two dogs, each with their own unique personalities, and one of which being a rescue, it was important to us that we find someone with the right level of skill and flexibility. The walkers at Toronto Humane Society have exceeded all of our expectations and allow us to feel confident every day that our dogs are in the best possible hands. They provide regular updates, are readily available to answer questions, and adapt with our moving schedule. Most importantly, they put our dogs’ well-being and safety above anything else. Jessica has been fantastic at working with our dog Luna and her leash reactivity. We feel very fortunate to have found this service!”– Chloe and Luna

“When my new dog walker came in through the door a few Thursdays ago, it took me about 2.3 seconds to realize I made a new best friend. Chloe takes great care of me and takes me on fun walks all by myself around the neighborhood! I love that I get Chloe all to myself because I can be a bit of an attention hog (so I’m told!). By the next week, I was already wagging my tail in excitement when I heard the keys turning in the lock and when I smelled and saw it was Chloe I was so happy! My Thursday afternoon walks with Chloe are my favourite. Thank you Toronto Humane Society for sending this awesome person to walk me!”– Compass

“I (Chivo) am ecstatic with Toronto Humane Society’s walking service! Firstly, the initial meeting was very productive. We went through all my ‘problem’ areas, like what gives me the scaries, things I get very excited with and what time I need to do my business. We were given details on how the walkers will address my problems in detail, making the hoomans confident that I was very safe in their care, and my needs and safety were number 1!
The same week I met my amazing walkers! I love my walkers because they come and teach me how to be a good boy every day! When I used to go on group walks with a different company, I learned things like how to jump up on people and tug on my leash. With my new walkers, I have learned to greet my hoomans with a sitting bum wiggle, and I trot nicely beside them when an my leash. They say I am now a 100% good boy!” 
– Chivo

“Jessica / Toronto Humane Society walking services has been amazing helping our very shy and nervous rescue Ruby right from the beginning at 4 month old, adjust to her new busy city environment. Jessica has made us feel reassured with her daily updates outlining Ruby’s progress and her work to help her slowly feel more comfortable with new neighbourhood environments and city sounds. We can tell Jessica has made a huge effort to make sure that they have a great relationship, and that Ruby really loves her for it!”– Ruby

“When I adopted my 1 year old terrier/shepherd mix from a rescue, I had a good idea of what she’d need: some obedience training, recall work, exercise, a healthy diet and of course lots of love. What I didn’t expect was that my Mara was an escape artist… chewing through leashes, jumping over fences less than 5 feet high, and so squirrel-obsessed that she would even run into traffic to follow them across the street! Thank goodness we found a dog walker who was willing to work with us. Beverly had many techniques at her disposal to keep Mara safe and happy, and was prepared to take the time to develop a relationship with Mara as her recall and other training improved. We are so grateful to have a walker who is conscious of the issues that rescues can present, and has the skills to manage them.” – Mara (and her human Melanie)

“My dog walker really knows each dog well enough as if they were her own and THAT’S the kind of person I want walking my dog.” – Grace and Ricky

“We always can trust our dogs are safe and well taken care of in Beverly’s charge and best of all on their days with her they come home exhausted! She really cares about her clients and wants the best for them – we would not hesitate to recommend her.”– Shana, Penny and Mini Cooper

We provide service in the following neighbourhoods:

  • Corktown
  • Moss Park
  • Regent Park
  • The Distillery District
  • Riverside
  • Rosedale
  • Cabbagetown
  • St. James Town
  • Leslieville

We expand our boundaries from time to time as our service grows, so please check with us if you fall outside of this geographical area.

How does hiring Toronto Humane Society Dog Walking Services help animals in need?

Revenue from our public dog walking and public training services goes directly to shelter operating costs, which helps us provide shelter, veterinary care, community services, and behavioural care to animals in need of homes prior to their happy adoptions.

What kind of training do your dog walkers receive?

Our dog walkers complete graduated handler level One to Five training and skills assessment prior to walking publicly owned animals. Each level includes learning theory modules, hands on training with shelter dogs and practical skills assessments for safe handling, management, training and husbandry for dogs with increasingly challenging handler level difficulty. Handlers must complete a set number of hours at each level before progressing to the next. Handlers who have graduated to Level Five are also trained to manage multiple-dog playgroups and assessed on those skills. Additionally, our dog walkers receive periodic continuing education and in-field training and assessments from our certified professional trainers and behaviour consultants.

Where do you walk my dog?

Private walks and training walks take place in your neighbourhood, while buddy walks or adventure walks may take place in various neighbourhoods, through trails and ravines, or in public leash free parks.

Will my dog be picked up in a car?

We use cars to pick up group walk dogs and travel to buddy walk and adventure walk destinations. Dogs in our group walk service must be comfortable with other dogs and enjoy car rides.

My dog is not spayed or neutered. Can my dog join group dog walks?

In order to join group dog walks, dogs 6 months of age or older must be spayed or neutered. Intact dogs are welcome to join us for private walks or training walks.

Can my puppy join group walks?

We do not accept puppies under the age of 5 months old in group walks to ensure that puppies are not overwhelmed during important physical growth and learning stages of their lives. We welcome puppies under 5 months old for private walks or training walks. Once puppies are 5 months old and spayed or neutered, if group walks are suitable for them, we transition them to groups if desired.

What vaccinations are required in order to join your service?

Dogs must be up to date with Rabies and DHPP vaccinations. We strongly recommend Bordetella, flea and tick prevention, or other prevention or vaccines as recommended by your veterinarian.

My dog is shy, anxious or aggressive towards unknown people, other dogs or various triggers. Can my dog still go on walks with you?

We can help! We specialize in dogs who require a bit of TLC (tender loving care). We are well equipped to help dogs that may show anxiety, reactivity or aggression towards various triggers, and will take all the time they need to get to know us during their initial service so that we move at a pace at which they are comfortable. We will then make sure that your TLC dog is kept under threshold, calm and happy once they trust us enough to go for walks with us. We’re happy to discuss our evidence-based strategy to help your dog become comfortable with us and while on walks during your meet and greet. TLC dogs are welcome to join us for private or training walks, but are not suitable for group walks.

Will I always have the same walker?

We make every attempt to send your regular walker daily, but from time to time when our walkers are on vacation or are unwell, we will send another walker. For TLC dogs who don’t do well with new people, we’ll contact you in advance to let you know that your regular walker will be away so that you can make other arrangements. While we preplan vacation time well in advance, we can’t preplan when a walker needs a sick day so in the event your walker is sick, we’ll contact you that morning. Otherwise, we’ll give you lots of notice.

Will I have to provide a key to my home?

We do not retain client keys in our possession. New clients are required to provide us with a lockbox and the key is returned to the lockbox daily. For clients who live in buildings, you may leave your key with your concierge service if your building provides that service. Otherwise, we will require both a key and a fob in your lockbox to gain entrance.

There is no parking available to visitors to my building. Can my dog still join group walks?

In order to provide group walk service, free parking directly adjacent to your building’s entrance must be available in order for dog walkers to be able to pick up your dog for group walks. If you do not have parking available, our on-foot dog walkers are happy to provide private walks or training walks.

Is your team available for occasional or on-demand walks?

In order to provide consistent and dependable service and to ensure all dogs can be scheduled into our walkers’ days, we only provide service to those clients who are looking for 5-day-a-week, Monday to Friday service. We also believe that it is important that dogs have routine and predictability. Therefore, we do not take on dogs for occasional or on-demand walks.

Do you provide walks on holidays or weekends?

We are closed and there is no service on statutory holidays or on weekends.

What area do you service?

We currently service Corktown, Moss Park, Regent Park, the Distillery District, Riverside, Rosedale, Cabbagetown, St. James Town and Leslieville. We expand our boundaries from time to time as our service grows, so please check with us if you fall outside of this geographical area.

What are your Monthly Canine Social Walks and how do I join?

Our monthly trainer led Canine Social Walks are a fun, social and enriching opportunity for you and your dog to get together with other dog walking and training clientele for a group buddy walk or adventure walk together to enjoy our beautiful city. Walks generally take place on weekends or early evenings. We serve up coffee, donuts and dog treats at the beginning of each outing! Walks are scheduled monthly, and emailed invitations with time and meet up location will be sent to you. We hope you join us for these fun get together!

How do I sign up?

The first step is to book a complimentary meet and greet so that we can get to know each other and discuss your needs. After the meet and greet, we’ll provide you with a link to purchase your package, we’ll schedule you in and begin service! To schedule your service, click on the Book Meet and Greet button at the top of this page.

More questions?

Send us an email at and we’ll be happy to chat!