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Bernie is a spunky little guy who loves hanging out with his loved ones on his own terms! He's had a difficult time over the last couple of years in and out of the shelter, and has developed some conflict around people and food. He's currently learning how to not feel conflicted interacting with his handlers and is doing wonderfully learning from out training and shelter care staff. He likes seeing dogs around the shelter and can meet some calm dogs across a fence now and then but gets intimidated very quickly with excitable/energetic dogs.

In the past Bernie has shown some possessiveness over toys and food around other dogs and children, but this is an incredibly normal and valid response when you believe someone is going to take something of value from you, so we are working on teaching him that when we approach him with something he cherishes, we are not going to take it away! He also experiences a lot of discomfort when people try to pet or handle him, he needs a lot of time and slow introduction to handling before he's comfortable letting someone pet him. Due to his resource guarding and handling issues, it would be best if he were placed in a home without young children and other animals so he can relax without having to worry about his belongings being taken away.

He would make a wonderful companion and adventure dog for the right people who are committed to working with Bernie on his fear towards other dogs and people, managing his resource guarding, and making sure he is given space when he requests it!

Please contact the adoption team if you believe Bernie may be right for you!

Animal ID: 46615869
Species: Dog
Breed: Beagle,Mix
Age: 6 Years 4 Months
Sex: Male
Size: M
Colour: Brown / White
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Declawed: No
Site: Toronto Humane Society
Location: Outdoor Wildlife
Intake Date: 07/04/2022
On Hold: Yes