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Are you searching for the sweetest bonded duo of guinea pigs? Do you enjoy the company of two cuties who will undoubtedly show you love and affection? Do you desire companions that reward you for how much time you spend with them? Look no further than Ralph and Ronnie who are a dashing duo!

Ralph is a sporty little guinea pig who adores burrowing into small spaces for comfort. He is a bit of a messy eater and may even get some crumbs on his orange and black coat. Ralph is an absolute sweetheart who only wants the best for both Ronnie and his humans. He wants a home that can provide Ronnie and him with as much love, attention, and care as they both deserve.

Ronnie is the sweetest little munchkin sporting a beautiful orange and white coat that he maintains on a daily basis. Ronnie likes to have a neat and tidy space for him to go about his routine. Ronnie appreciates his personal space but isn't afraid to show affection to his humans - he might just need a treat first! With effort and dedication, both Ralph and Ronnie will make the perfect pair for anyone in need of a loving companion.

Taking care of guinea pigs is easy and fun! They need a clean and spacious cage with plenty of room to run around and play. Fresh hay, water, and a balanced diet of pellets and veggies are important for their health, and they love having things to chew on and hide in. Ensuring that your furry little friends have their own cozy burrow to retreat to is very important, especially since guinea pigs are naturally active and curious creatures who love to explore and play.

Do you have what it takes to provide these two sweethearts with the perfect home? Please visit us at 11 River Street to start the adoption process!

Animal ID: 51923046
Species: Small&Furry
Breed: Guinea Pig,Guinea Pig
Sex: Male
Size: M
Colour: Orange / White
Spayed/Neutered: No
Declawed: No
Site: Toronto Humane Society
Location: Fosters
Intake Date: 30/01/2023
On Hold: No
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