Serve Up Summer with a Side of Love

| July 29, 2022

What are you most looking forward to this summer? Is it soaking up the sun and getting a sweet tan? Watching the big summer blockbusters?  Venturing outdoors? Enjoying an ice cream cone on the patio? Whatever it is, summer brings a certain level of undeniable magic. 

Do you know what the pets in our care are looking forward to this summer? Your Sweets of Summer treat 

They can’t wait to indulge in tasty popsicles, play with frozen toys, and even enjoy a full-on puppy picnic while they wait to find their forever home. These treats will share the magic of summer with the pets in our care, and some toys will also double as a training treat for some –like Rozay. 

Rozay is a big cuddle bug that loves people. But he does not love loud noises, being in the car, or sharing his stuff with other dogs. He’s learning some new handling techniques with our training team, and a frozen treat (especially a frozen kong treat!) will go a long way with Rozay’s training – those are his favourites!   

Send a Treat, Receive a Treat 

As a thank you for treating the pets in our care to a summer treat and making them feel extra loved, you’ll receive an adorable video of pets enjoying your Sweets of Summer purchase.