Toronto Humane Society’s 50/50 Raffle: Giving Back to Support Pet Families in Need

| November 3, 2023

In a city facing numerous challenges, the act of giving back takes on heightened significance. Toronto Humane Society’s Holiday 50/50 not only presents an opportunity to win big but also allows everyone to be a part of something greater – supporting pet families in need during times of crisis. 

How it Works

Visit to purchase your tickets. Tickets are 10 for $10, 40 for $20, or 200 for $40. The minimum guaranteed jackpot prize is $9,999 – and this will grow as more tickets are purchased. 

Early supporters are in for an additional treat. The first Early Bird prize of $1,000 will be awarded to someone who purchases their tickets before November 14th, 2023.  

Support Pets Families in Need

This raffle isn’t just about winning a big cash prize – it’s about making a difference. Funds generated from this initiative will directly aid Toronto Humane Society’s mission to provide essential support to pet families facing adversity during these challenging times.  

The current crisis has placed an additional burden on pet parents, making it harder for them to afford necessary care and support for their beloved companions. Your involvement in this raffle is an active contribution towards easing this strain and ensuring pets receive the care they deserve. 

By purchasing tickets for the 50/50 raffle, you become an essential part of a collective effort to help these pet families. So, join in, get your tickets early, and take part in this fantastic initiative, and who knows – maybe you’ll be the lucky winner who takes home the big cash prize while also making a difference.