Custodial Surrender

A custodial surrender refers to an animal that is surrendered to the Toronto Humane Society by someone who is not their legal owner. Custodial surrenders may occur if the owner has become incapacitated and cannot surrender their pet in person, if an animal was abandoned in the care of a non-owner, or if a stray has been cared for by a concerned citizen for a prolonged period.

Custodial Surrender Process and Forms

We are currently booking appointments for those custodians that need to surrender pets. Please note that surrenders are only accepted with an appointment.

The Toronto Humane Society is a charity and relies on private donations to continue helping the thousands of animals we take in each and every year. There is a $50 surrender fee for all admissions to help us provide this care.

To inquire about custodial surrender please contact:

416 392 2273 ext. 2248

You will be required to:

Surrender appointments may take up to one hour per animal to complete. You must remain at the shelter throughout that time until the process is completed.

The Toronto Humane Society has the right to refuse to accept your animals at our discretion. Cats or kittens coming from a colony or that were neighborhood cats will be assessed by the Feline Behavior Department to determine if we can meet the capacity for care that they require. Cats that may not be suitable for homes may be considered for placement in the Toronto Humane Society Barn Cat Program.