Dog Training Classes


You can teach an old dog new tricks!

All dogs can benefit from training classes whether they are young or old, from a breeder or rescued from a shelter. Canine training is one of the most important investments a pet parent can make!

Not only does training strengthen the bond between pet parents and their four-legged family members, it helps everyone be happier. Dogs feel at ease knowing what is expected of them and pet owners feel confident knowing that they can safely take their dogs in public or give them a little extra freedom at home. Even if a dog already has basic training he or she can still benefit from an advanced class or agility work which provides them with both mental and physical stimulation.

From puppy training to one-on-one lessons the Toronto Humane Society provides a variety of canine training classes.

Eligibility Requirements

Available Classes and Fees

Private Classes
(available Monday – Friday: 10:00am – 7:30pm, Saturday and Sunday: 9:00am – 5:00pm)
Individual Classes
(30 min.)
8 Weeks
(8x30 min. classes)
Basic Obedience
Focus exercises including attention, find me for food, sit down, sit/stay, down/stay, come and heel.
$45 $255
Advanced Obedience (Requires completion of basic obedience class)
Focus on off leash Heel (focus heeling), sit, down, sit/stay, down/stay with added distraction of dogs, people and objects In class and on street.
$45 $255
Puppy Classes
Focuses all puppy issues such as jumping, chewing, barking, house training, crate training and basic obedience.
$35 $200
Problem Solving
Focuses on specific issues in adult dogs such as separation anxiety, chewing, fear of cars/traffic.
$50 $320
Aggression Control
Focuses on specific type(s) of aggression such as handler aggression, dog to dog aggression, food/toy possessiveness, or fear aggression.
$50 $320

Group Classes
(Available Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. Please inquire about upcoming times)
One Session
(1 hour)
8 Weeks
(8x1 hour)
Puppy Socialization
Puppies will have the ability to interact with one another in a supervised environment, and clients will receive advice on socialization practices.
$25 $150
Puppy Obedience
Focus on off leash Heel (focus heeling), sit, down, sit/stay, down/stay with added distraction of dogs, people and objects In class and on street.
- $200
(20% discount if also enrolled in puppy socialization classes)
Basic Obedience (Adult) – In group environment*
Same skills as learned in the individual class. Dogs must be sociable, with no aggression issues, otherwise private sessions are recommended.
- $255

Applicable Discounts

*Please inform the booking agent if a discount applies to you!

How to Book a Session

Please call 416.392.2273 and press 3 for the behavior department. Follow the prompts in order to schedule an appointment.
*Please be aware that group sessions will require the participation of at least 2-3 animals so you may be contacted to reschedule when there can be a greater attendance.

For individual consultation services, further questions about our classes, or to cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice please email/speak with our canine behavior department directly. If you reach the voicemail service please leave a message and they will return your call within 48 – 72 hours.

  Phone: 416-392-2273


What to Bring for a Session