You Could Help 1,100 Families Stay Together

| June 10, 2022

The Great Canadian Giving Challenge has begun! For the entire month of June, every dollar donated to Toronto Humane Society through increases our chance of winning the cash prize of $20,000. The more you give, the greater chance we have to win.  

What Would We Do with $20,000?  

During this year’s Great Canadian Giving Challenge, help us continue to be there for pets and their families. With rising inflation, global unrest, and the lingering effects of the pandemic, immense pressure has been put on pet parents. With nowhere else to go for help, a growing number are turning to Toronto Humane Society’s Pet Parent Support Network for help – families like Adbi and Sam.  

How The Pet Parent Support Network Helped Abdi and Sam  

After his senior dog passed away in January, Abdi* was unsure if he could continue to provide care for his other senior dog, Sam*. He was heartbroken over his loss, and Sam had a lump on his abdomen that needed to be removed.   

Abdi had a fixed income and didn’t know what to do, so he reached out to our Pet Parent Support Network. Thinking about the future and worrying about Sam’s health was overwhelming, but when our Pet Parent Support team took the time to really listen to Abdi, it became clear that Abdi was a fantastic pet parent who was struggling with this great loss and needed to be shown some kindness.  

Abdi needed  peace of mind about Sam’s health and an affordable option for surgery. This would help Sam stay in his loving home and Abdi would be spared the grief of losing a second pet.  

First, our veterinary team examined Sam  to provide some encouragement about his overall health. Then, Abdi was connected with a service that works with family veterinarians to help cover the costs veterinary bills. He was approved for a $1,000 credit towards the $2,200 surgery. He set up a GoFundMe page and raised several hundred more dollars.  

Sam is now booked for his lump removal surgery at the end of June. We are so glad to be a part of Abdi’s story and we wish him and Sam many happy, fun filled years together!  

Help Us Be There for More Pets and Pet Parents in Need 

Despite the growing demand of inquiries and the increased pressure our Pet Parent Support Network team is facing, we are continuing to support more pet parents in need of help. But to keep the momentum going and meet the growing demands from our community, we need the resources.  

Every dollar donated through the Canada Helps donation page,  counts as a ballet for us to win the draw of $20,000. The more you give, the more chances we have of winning and expanding our Pet Parent Support Network.  


*Names have been changed.