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Sheltering Programs
For Their Best Life

Animals we care for in our sheltering programs do not have a home. There are two ways we provide shelter for these animals, Traditional Animal Sheltering and Community Sheltering, or Foster Care.

Traditional Animal Sheltering

Sheltering allows for animals to receive direct, supportive care from medical professionals when not appropriate in a foster setting. Our programs strive to allow animals to express their normal behaviours in the abnormal environment of a shelter.

Community Sheltering

This service puts animals in a more comfortable living situation while they are with us. Our community sheltering efforts focus on animals who are likely to spend more time with us. The animals who are likely to be adopted quickly, or those in need of more direct and intensive care stay at the shelter to get the care support they need and the quickest path to their new home.

The impact is profound. This program allows us to care for up to 300 animals at any given moment. It truly allows us to expand our life saving capacity beyond our shelter building limits.

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