Life-Saving Partnerships
Creating a Humane Society

Community Partnerships

Every year, we successfully admit and rehome thousands of homeless pets. This is an incredible accomplishment; one that is made possible through collaborative efforts with a variety of communities and animal welfare organizations. Through supportive partnerships, we aim to become proactive in addressing animal homeless by supporting pet guardians. Strong community partnerships allow our teams to extend our knowledge, programming, and services to the communities, people and pets who need it most in effort of mitigating pet abandonment.

We offer the following services to our community partners and the people they serve:

  • Pet food and supplies
  • Accessible veterinary care
  • Urgent boarding
  • Behaviour and training services
  • Pet care education and webinars

Animal Agency Partnerships

In order to achieve a humane society where all animals are valued and respected, we must work in collaboration with one another.
It is for this reason that we maintain close ties with other animal agencies, rescue groups, and humane organizations across Ontario and North America. Through these collaborations we are able to extend our knowledge, expertise and resources.

Partnering with and supporting groups who share our values and mission allow us to work effectively towards creating a humane society for pets and their families. These partnerships create new networks of humane support, pathways for progress and a greater ability to strengthen the human-animal bond.

We offer a number of services to our shelter and rescue partners:

  • Education and training support
  • Subsidized veterinary care
  • Behaviour and training services
  • Transport and rescue initiatives
  • Pet food and supplies

For more information on our community partners, please reach out to gratelle@torontohumanesociety.com our Senior Manager of Client Care and Partnerships!

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