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Taking In An Animal

Among our robust number of services, we’re a first-class animal shelter with the highest quality programs, services and facilities supported by expert staff. We believe that the best place for every pet is in a loving home with their person, but we also understand that pet parents can sometimes find themselves in circumstances beyond their control, that may lead them to inquire about surrendering a pet. In 2019, over 1,000 animals were surrendered to Toronto Humane Society with cases ranging from landlord issues, allergies, financial problems, and behavioural issues.

It’s important to know that we offer support, advice and assistance to pet parents in situations where they feel that giving up their pet is their only option. We recognize the value that the human animal bond has. It is because of this, that we first offer pet parents support when surrender inquiries come in. Many pet parents think their only option is surrender, however there are many options available to maintain the human animal bond.

Our Pet Parent Support Network provides all the information you need to take the first step in submitting your request. This page will connect you with a team whose sole purpose is to find the best outcome for you and your animal. We’ll review your case and work with you to find the right supports for your individual circumstance. If the decision is made by both you and our support network that surrender is the best course of action, we will help in guiding you through the rehoming process.

There is no fee for surrendering to Toronto Humane Society.

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