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Trap Neuter Return (TNR)

Toronto Humane Society’s Public Veterinary Services offers a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) surgical program for sterilization of free-roaming community cats. Please click here for more information about Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs.

Cats can be dropped off for the TNR program when the clinic is open, Monday to Friday from 9:00am – 5:00pm. Cats cannot be dropped off or picked up on weekends or holidays. Cats and TNR paperwork cannot be dropped off prior to 9:00am, as this is when the clinic is admitting public animals for spay/neuter and our lobby is very crowded. If you happen to arrive prior to 9am, we kindly ask that you line up outside (weather permitting) or on the ramp that is inside of our first set of doors, as our lobby fills up to capacity quite quickly.

We do occasionally need to close the TNR service due to staffing or scheduling limitations. While we always attempt to complete surgeries same-day, this is not always possible due to our other scheduled procedures. You will receive a call when your TNR cat is completed and ready for pick-up.

Please note that our Trap-Neuter-Return services are closed on the following dates. On the day prior to a closure all TNR cats must arrive before 10 AM.

  • May 10th
  • May 20th
  • June 25th
  • June 26th
  • This program is for free-roaming community cats who will be released back into the community following surgery. Cats who are part of an organization rescue or rehoming organization and will be placed into homes for adoption should be scheduled through our standard spay/neuter program 
  • All TNR surgeries will be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis.
    1. This is a walk-in only program.
  • We request that each individual colony caretakers bring no more than two animals per clinic day so we can accommodate as many caretakers as possible.
  • All cats presenting for the TNR program must arrive in a humane animal trap. No exceptions. If a cat arrives in an unacceptable trap, it will be declined. Please do not plan to transfer a cat into a trap within our clinic. This is for the safety of our staff and the cats.
  • Caretakers who do not have an appropriate humane trap can rent one from Toronto Humane Society Public Veterinary Services during open hours. A deposit of $50 is required when renting the trap, which will be refunded when the trap is returned.
  • All cats in the TNR program will receive:
    1. Sterilization surgery (spay or neuter)
    2. Rabies vaccine
    3. FVRCP (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis-Calicivirus-Panleukopenia) vaccine
    4. Single dose of topical broad-spectrum parasite treatment
    5. Microchip
    6. Ear tip (left) and green tattoo to indicate sterilization.
  • The ear tip is required.
  • Kittens should be over 8 weeks of age (~0.9 kg) to have surgery. Kittens under 8 weeks of age are good candidates for socialization and adoption. Please click here for more information about what to do with kittens under 8 weeks of age
  • Pregnant and post-partum/lactating females can be spayed.
  • Treatment of medical conditions for community cats is limited to what can be provided at the time of surgery under anesthesia (e.g., subcutaneous fluids, vaccines, parasite treatment, long-acting antibiotics or pain medications, treatment of minor wounds). Prescriptions for oral or topical medications for community cats are not provided, as the expectation is that these cats are released 24-72 hours post-operatively.  
  • Please connect with our Pet Parent Support Network  if you have friendly cats or kittens that you would like admitted to our adoption program.
  • In agreement with the Toronto Feral Cat Coalition, all community cats who are found to be already sterilized when brought in for TNR service will be sent back with the most recent colony caretaker to be returned to the newest colony location. We hope that all colony caretakers understand that these animals are not “owned” and have the freedom to migrate between colonies.
  • Please click here for surgery recovery instructions for community cats.

Our clinic is located at 11 River Street, east of downtown Toronto. Our clinic entrance is at the back of the building, through a bright green door.

Parking is available in the parking lot behind the building. Please do not block any garbage/recycling bins or fire routes for both our building and our neighbours.

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