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Stray Animals

If you have found a stray kitten or litter please click here to learn about our Don’t Kitnap the Kittens Initiative and Support Programs

If you find a stray animal, we encourage you to contact Toronto Animal Services at:

416-338-PAWS (7297)


We will never turn an animal away

When you arrive, there will be a few questions we will need you to answer to ensure the best outcome for each stray animal brought in, ensuring its greatest chance of being re-united with its guardian.

Animals without a home, who enter our facility, receive world-class standards of care and eventually the opportunity to be re-homed.

Animals in more desperate circumstances that may have a serious illness or injury, are immediately assessed by a Toronto Humane Society veterinarian and provided the required medical care.

We have developed a strong relationship with Toronto Animal Services (TAS) over the past few years. The result of this relationship has been the reduction in euthanasia numbers throughout the city. Animals that are transferred over to TAS are provided with a high standard of care and are attended to by dedicated, compassionate and knowledgeable city employees.

We also transfer animals from Toronto Animal Services to help ensure that no animals are euthanized in our community due to lack of space or resources.

Learn more about what to do if you find stray kittens, other homeless animals, or if you have lost your own animal. Click on Strays below to see what stray animals we currently have in our shelter.

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