Ways to Give

Hosting an Office Party

Office parties are a fun and easy way to help animals and animal-loving communities who are in need. But where to start? The possibilities are limitless. Animal lovers, just like you, have raised money through a variety of events such as birthday parties, garage sales, lemonade stands, concerts, and more! But who says you can’t have fun at the office AND make a difference at the same time?

Office parties allow you to impact animals in-need while bonding with your coworkers and sharing some laughs!

To double your impact and make an even bigger difference for animals, why not ask your company to match the donations raised by your coworkers?

Here are some ways you and your coworkers can make a difference:

Start a personalized fundraising page here to kick off your party.

Casual Day

Start a fundraising page and use Casual Day as an incentive to raise money. Give the top fundraiser(s) extra casual days depending on your office policies.

Parking Spot Challenge

Offer a reserved spot as an incentive to raise money. Give the top fundraiser(s) the best parking spot available!

Office Bake Sale

 Have your coworkers get creative in the kitchen and host an office bake sale. The categories are endless… cookies, cakes, tarts, or pies!

Charity Competition

Challenge another company or a different department or location within your own company, to start a fundraising page and see who can raise the most money.

Coffee Donation

Have your office mates donate the cost of their daily cup of coffee for a month and see how much you can raise.

Embarrass the Boss

Oh, our favourite! First step, get your boss on board. Next, decide the most fun way to embarrass them. It could be a dunk tank or a pie to the face. Set a fundraising goal and if it’s met, you have a chance to embarrass the boss.

Extra Day Off

Offer an extra day of vacation to the person that raises the most money.

Office Games

Raise funds by collecting entry fees to participate in the office games! Use items around your office to create a mini putt, have a basketball challenge, spelling contest or find out who makes the best coffee. Combine all of them together to create the ultimate office tournament!

Late Fees

Charge your coworkers throughout the year for being late. Late to the meeting, add some money to the Toronto Humane Society charity jar.

Bring Your Pet to Work

Give the top fundraiser the option to bring their pet to work for the day/week/month.

Organizing fundraising events for the animals in our care and community can be fun and rewarding! No matter how you like to party at the office, every dollar raised in support of Toronto Humane Society will contribute to life-saving work and impact animals’ in-need.

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