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Supported Rehoming

The Supported Rehoming Program is an alternative to surrender. It allows you to keep your pet in your home while we help you to find a suitable new home. We understand that rehoming a pet is a difficult process and that you want to find the best possible new home for your animal. Our adoption staff are specially trained to identify good potential matches, educate adopters about care needs, and ensure that your animal ends up in the best home possible. We also know how to promote animals in order to help them find the best homes quickly and can help to decrease the amount of time we spend looking for a new home for your pet.

Benefits to Supported Rehoming

  • Your animal can remain in the comfort of your home until moving to a new one.
  • We do the promotion work for you: we write a profile for your animal, post your animal on our website and other media, and work to find potential adopters waiting for an animal just like yours.
  • Trained Adoption Counselors will help assess potential adopters to find the best possible match for your pet.
  • Toronto Humane Society facilities are used to introduce your pet to a potential adopter, rather than having interested adopters come to your home.


Requirements for participation in Toronto Humane Society Supported Rehoming Program include:

  • Proof of ownership of animal
  • For cats/dogs/rabbits/ferrets, proof of spay/neuter
  • For cats/dogs/ferrets, proof of up-to-date vaccinations
  • The animal cannot be a public safety risk
  • Agreement of our terms of participation laid out in the Facilitated Adoption Contract

TheSupported Rehoming Contract grants Toronto Humane Society the permission to rehome your animal on your behalf. While you will retain ownership of your animal, Toronto Humane Society staff will be responsible for interviewing and approving adopters and introducing them to your animal in a “meet and greet” session. You will not have any contact with potential adopters and all meetings with the animal will be done at our facility.

If you have not yet spayed or neutered your pet (cat/dog/ferret/rabbit) or your pet (cat/dog/ferret) is not up-to-date with vaccinations, you will need to have these procedures done in order to qualify for our Supported Rehoming Program. A list of veterinarians in the area, including information about our spay/neuter and wellness clinic, can be made available to you upon request.

The Rehoming Process

In order to become part of our facilitated adoption process, you need to

  1. Sign a contract allowing us to facilitate an adoption on your behalf. You must provide proof of ownership, spay/neuter and up-to-date vaccinations.
  2. Complete a background profile about your animal to better enable us to promote your animal and find a well-suited adopter. You can also speak to an adoption counselor to provide us with additional information that will help us to find your pet the best possible home.
  3. Provide quality photos of your animal to help us promote your pet.

Once we have received these items, we can start finding your animal a new home. We will post a rehoming profile on our website and advertise your pet through various channels. We will accept applications for your animal and will screen potential adopters to find a good match for your animal’s personality and needs.

When we have found a good potential adopter, we will ask you to bring your animal to our location to meet the potential adopter so that we can observe them together and they can decide if it is a good match for both your pet and the adopter. If everything looks good, the adopter will be able to take home your animal that day. You will be asked to drop off the animal earlier in the day and will not have any direct contact with the potential adopters. If the adoption does not work out, you will be asked to pick up the animal again after the meet and greet session.

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