About Us

Our Mission

Our Vision: To be a leader in animal welfare, working for a compassionate society where all animals are respected and valued.

Our Mission: To Improve the Lives of Animals.

With a team of industry leading experts and a passionate community network, we pursue this mission by reducing animal homelessness, ensuring access to care, and fighting to preserve the human-animal bond.   

We boldly face these challenges with a multi-faceted approach. From industry leading shelter care, training, and veterinary services to innovative, expert-led programs in temporary sheltering, accessible veterinary care, and community support programs and services. And our efforts are made greater through our outreach services and public support programs.  

Through partnerships with organizations who share our values, we travel to remote regions to offer our resources and help prevent unnecessary euthanasia in overwhelmed shelters and communities. And as a major voice in animal welfare, we use our platform to advocate for better legislation to protect animals, while empowering communities and organizations to help more animals and their animal-loving communities.   

In the pursuit of our mission, Toronto Humane Society becomes something else. Something more than an animal shelter. We are an educational resource and support system. A voice for and provider of accessible care. We are a center of excellence. A space where best practices and new ideas meet with an unyielding optimism and love for animals to create something special.  It is in the pursuit of our mission that Toronto Humane Society is like no other.

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