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Pet Parent Support Network

We champion the human-animal relationship and value the impact it has on both pets and people. We also recognize that the best place for every pet is in a loving home.

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to support pet parent’s in-need through the provision of supportive services.

We believe:

  • Every living being deserves a right to humane treatment and access to the Five Domains.
  • Pet parents love their pets and they deserve to be happy together.
  • The best place for every animal is in its natural habitat and free from cruelty.

Our work seeks to improve the greatest number of animal lives possible through a variety of programs and services. All individuals who engage with us or utilize our services will be treated with compassion and respect, regardless of their reason for seeking support.


If you are in need of support or advice Please connect with us.

Pet Parent Support

Our Pet Parent Support Network was established with the primary purpose of ensuring that each pet and guardian gets the support, advice, and service they need – services designed to build, maintain, and strengthen the human-animal bond.

The Pet Parent Support Network supports pet guardians and additionally helps to mitigate pet abandonment. We strive to operate as a leading, first-class animal welfare organization with the highest quality programs, services and facility, supported by a team of expert staff. However, no matter how incredible our care and expertise is, it is no match, for what a safe and loving home can provide an animal.

The resources utilized and referenced throughout our program have been carefully and thoughtfully created, reviewed and recommended by our expert staff:

  • Veterinarians (DVM, Dr.)
  • PhD’s (Dr.)
  • Fellows in Shelter Medicine
  • Masters in Veterinary Medicine (MMedVet)
  • Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT)
  • Certified Applied Animal Behaviourists (CAAB)
  • Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVT)
  • Certified Animal Welfare Administrators (CAWA)
  • Associate Certified Dog Behaviour Consultants (ACDBC)

We Are Here For You and Your Pet

The Pet Parent Support Network is here to help you. We are happy to assist in a variety of matters related to caring for your pet or animals in the community.

Here is a list of the type of support and guidance available to you through our Pet Parent Support Network:

  • Pet Supplies and Food
  • Stray or Wildlife Matters
  • Surrender and Rehoming Support
  • Boarding Facilities and Pet-Sitting Information
  • Dog Walking Services
  • Behaviour Issues for all Species
  • Public Veterinary Services and Affordable Care Options

If you are looking for more information about what services or programs are available in your community or at our organization, please submit a support request form using the following button and a Pet Parent Support Team Member will contact you shortly.

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