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Your best life together,
made even better.

It’s a bond like no other, and it’s the reason we get up in the morning.

If you love animals as much as we do, you understand why we work so hard to provide the best life possible for the animals in our care and the people who bond with them. It’s our expertise at every step of the journey, combined with the loving homes provided by people in our community that complete the circle. From the very moment an animal comes into our fold, their wellbeing is our priority.

Your best life together,made even better

Toronto Humane Society goes beyond just being an animal shelter. Yes, we provide shelter, care, training, Veterinary support and a second chance to animals in need. Setting them up for a joyous and happy new life. But, we do so much more than that as well. Providing a full range of services to support guardians and their pets at all stages; training and behavioural support, temporary sheltering, accessible veterinary care and pet food support. Ensuring we are doing all we can to help animals get healthy, remain healthy and experience a better life together with their guardians. Strengthening the human-animal bond not just for our shelter animals but for all the animals in our community.

We like to say that we are at the centre of a happy community of people and their animals. It thrives because of the dedication of our people, the people we serve, and the animals we nurture together.

Education, advocacy, and industry advancements through research underpin everything we do.

Why is this bond so important?

The human-animal bond positively affects lives in countless ways.

For people, connecting with and caring for an animal creates healthier and happier homes. Animals provide unconditional companionship which leads to educational opportunities and better mental wellbeing in children as they develop nurturing skills and in adults who, for example, are typically more active when caring for a pet. Pets provide opportunities for more social interaction and the emotional connection can be an important counter to the stresses of life.

For animals, a life where they are cared for ensures they are free from distress and discomfort. Living in a caring relationship with a human means a life where pain, injury, and disease are addressed and healed, and they are continually well nourished.

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