The Michael G. Creber Memorial Fund

Dedicated to securing and supporting our Sheltering Programs at Toronto Humane Society, this fund honours the late Michael G. Creber and his legacy of love of animals. 

Forever Support

A donation to the Michael G. Creber Memorial Fund ensures long-term support for sheltering programs. Your contribution goes into a restricted endowment account that generates interest, which is used to fund: 

  1. Medical Care: Ensuring health and wellness for each animal; 
  2. Husbandry: Providing essential care and housing; 
  3. Enrichment: Promoting mental and physical well-being; 
  4. Training: Preparing animals for their new families. 

Most importantly, your support provides ongoing, endowment-style support for Toronto’s homeless pets indefinitely. The interest generated annually from your contributions will continuously aid the sheltering programs, making a lasting impact on the lives of these animals. 

Substantial Inaugural and Ongoing Gifts

An inaugural donation from a member of the Creber family set the stage for long-term support. Recently, additional contributions have greatly increased the impact of the Michael G. Creber Memorial Fund on Toronto Humane Society’s programming. 

Your Contribution Opportunity

Your gift of $1,000 or more will help grow the Michael G. Creber Memorial Fund. This ensures ongoing care and support for homeless animals. However, if this isn’t feasible for you, there are other ways you can support Toronto Humane Society, please see here or visit our homepage www.torontohumanesociety.com 

Be a Part of the Change

Join us in making a long-term, impactful positive change for homeless animals waiting to find their forever home. Together, we can continue Michael G. Creber’s legacy of love for animals and ensure they receive the care they deserve while providing a caring, nurturing temporary home. 

Take Action Now

Click below to contribute and be a part of this vital cause. 

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