Change Multiple Lives at a Time as a Humane Champion

| October 7, 2022

When we adopt an animal, we change their life. But an animal’s unconditional love changes our life for the better too. 

As a Humane Champion, you can have a direct impact of changing multiple lives at a time by supporting our shelter care, training, education, and veterinary services. These services give them the life they were meant to live and help them find their forever homes – animals like Koda.   

Koda and Leona’s Bond in the Making

Koda, a 2-year-old Alaskan Husky, was transferred into our care from another welfare organization.  

We tested Koda and it was revealed he had fish tapeworm. He also needed dental work, and our team noticed that although he was friendly and had great leash manners, he was very nervous while going on his walks. 

He received dental surgery, his neuter surgery, and his tapeworm was resolved with medication. Koda was feeling much better and soon afterwards he found his forever home where things only got better for him as he embarked on his new journey.  

“In the beginning it was a little challenging to get Koda to go for his walks. I live in an area where there is a lot of condo construction, so he was afraid of the noise and people walking around,” Leona, Koda’s pet parent, wrote to us. “So, I decided to start driving him to parks for his walks where there are plenty of grass areas for him to walk around. I noticed right away that he was much more comfortable in that environment. He walked around, explored his surroundings, and appeared much calmer.” 

With more and more practice, Koda’s confidence strengthened, and he was able to make a few dog friends at the park. His pet parent shared, “I absolutely love watching him run free in the fenced in dog park and watching him interact and play with the other dogs. It brings a big smile to my face and warms my heart!” 

“The past couple of weeks I have noticed a switch in his behaviour towards us. He has loved his tummy rubs from day one but now he is coming up to us with his tail wagging wanting to play and be pet. It is so nice to see how much more comfortable he is getting,” she continued. “He is showing us how happy he is, and I love every minute of it!” 

Let’s Nurture More Human-Animal Bonds Together

Before Koda met Leona, he was like the many other animals we currently have in our care. You can have a direct impact and help more animals find their special someone, build more families, and create more happy stories.   

You can change lives. Be a Humane Champion monthly donor.